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ATi Tennis Academy
Friday, May 29
ATi RV Trip to Idle Hr Country Club
Abby Shlesinger                                                Roman Core                                          Emma McHale                                            Emma Brogan
winning trophies this weekend  
Academy Trip to the Landings on Skidaway, Typee Island and River Street in Savannah
Singles Results
at the GA L3
In Savannah
Rachel Hicks
won the G18
Abby Waldman
won 3rd
Justin Waldman
won the B14s
Woods Curry
won 4th in B14
Corrie Lemaster
won the G12
Kaitlyn Chalker
won G14 Cons
Lily Dolan won
Cons runner-up
in G14s
ATi taking a lunch break at Applebee's
in Dublin, GA just in time for the USA
vs Portugal World Cup match.  
Tuesday, July 29 evening drills
Wednesday, July 30
morning drills
Harrison Tennis
Center Tournamnet
Resutls:  Justin
Waldman won 2nd
in the  B14s and
Abigail playing
G18s won 6th place
and defeated the 2
seed along the
Kaitlyn Chalker
won singles and
doubles Sunday,
August 3rd in the
G14s at Eagles
Roman Core won the consolation at the N. Atlanta
Satellite and at Legacy Park August 3rd.
2014 - 2015
Fall-Winter Drill
Drill Times
4pm - 6:30pm
4pm - 6:30pm
4pm - 6:30pm
4pm - 6:30pm
(Match Play)
2pm to 4pm
Fair Oaks Tournament Results on August 10th

G14 Kaityln Chalker won 2nd in singles and 1st in doubles

Emory Ann Phillips won 2nd in G16 singles
Fair Oaks Tournament Results on August 10th
G-12  -   Isabelle Tanjuatco won 2nd in singles
Isabelle and Lindsey Riley won 1st in doubles
Emma McHale won 2 in doubles
B16 Joseph Tanjuatco
won 1st in doubles
Lily Dolan placed 4th in
G14 singles at Bitsy Grant
Fair Oaks Tournament
Results on August 10th

Annie Mayfield
won 1st in singles
Justin and Abigale Waldman,
Isabelle and Joseph Tanjuatco
won trophies at the Southern L2
Doubles Tournament in Rome
August 24th.
Weekend ATi trophy winners
Mason Core, Justin Waldman (Augusta STA L3) and Emma McHale
Wednesday, September 10th afternoon
drills at Fair Oaks Tennis Center
Lindsey Riley won the GA L5
at Laurel Park Sep 28th.
Emma McHale
won 3rd at
Hudlow and
defeated the 1
seed along the
Sofia Ivashchenko won the
P'tree City GA L4 Sep. 28th.
Abi Waldman was the consolation winner for
G18s at the GA L3 in Macon. She defeated
the 1, 2 and 4 seeds along the way.
ATi boys, Joseph Tanjuatco and Justin
Waldman win the B14 doubles in the  
GA L2 - STA L3 in Augusta.  
Justin won 2nd in singles as well.  
Emma Brogan won 2nd in the
Athens GA L3 and STA L3.
In Bainbridge GA.  Abby Shlesinger, Amber Reed and Annie Mayfield.  Amber and Annie won the G16s and G18s.  
Patrick Weindorfer won the B16 Cons.  
Lily Dolan and Campbell won 2nd and 4th in the G14s at Hudlow.  
Lindsey Riley won 2nd playing up in a GA L5 G14.                          Aleya Siwik won the Kennworth GL 5   
Corrie Lemasters, Hannah Morris and Coach
Susannah Cook stopped having fun long
enough to pose for a picture at the STA L3
Doubles Tournament in Chattanooga.  
Serve and Return Foundation’s Mission - To SERVE our
communities and
RETURN our service to promote the game of
tennis.  Additionally, we strive to improve the quality of life for all
ages and specific vulnerable groups, such as children and seniors
through the promotion of one of the very best sports for physical
exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Georgia won the Southern 10s Team
Championships in Huntsville. Izzy
Tanjuatco was voted MVP as she
went 7-1 in her matches.
Woods Curry and Aleya Siwik winning singles
trophies in November 2014.
ATi welcomes Alex Cercone to the ATi
Coaching Staff.
Click for her Bio
Tournament results from November 16, 2014 - Lindsey Riley wins 2nd in singles and 1st in doubles. Emma McHale wins first in singles and doubles.  Roman Core wins
1st in singles. Maya Sinha wins second in doubles and Abby Gardner and Amber Reed win 1st in doubles and Abby wins 2nd in singles.  Patrick Weindorfer wins 2nd in
singles and doubles. Will Burton wins 2nd in doubles and Annie Mayfield won 1st in singles and doubles in G18s.  Joseph Tanjuatco wins 1st in doubles.
Rachel Hicks has committed to play tennis
for Washington and Lee University.
Congratulations Rachel! You have been an
outstanding leader and role model at ATi
and we are so proud of you.
Abi Waldman placed 2nd in doubles in the Icy
Hot in Knoxville, TN
Annie Mayfield wins the GA L2 G18s
doubles in Savannah, GA
9 year old Isabelle Tanjuatco is
ranked Number 1 in Georgia's
2014  G10s final rankings.  
GO Izzy!!
Emman McHale wins the singles and doubles at Hudlow's GA L4.  
Lindsey Riley wins the doubles with Emma.  
Justin Samples wins 2nd in the AL L3
in Pell City
Lindsey Riley wins the Sweetwater
ATi students play up and bring home the trophies at the Top 16 GA L4 Indoor. Isabelle Tanjuatco, Daiki Shinoda and Joseph Tanjuatco
Annie Mayfield
bringing home
singles and
doubles trophies
Feb. 8th.
Justin Waldman and partner Keshav
won 3rd place in the Knoxville STA L1.
Emma McHale wins
1st at Harrison GA
L4 February 15th.
August 15th, 2015 - Justin and Abi
Waldman win the USTA Regional B14 &
G16 doubles in Mobile, AL.  Austin Roebuck
was there coaching and supporting.
Rain Delay Cross
Training in
Montgomery with
Rachel Hicks
Annie Mayfield
Amber Reed
Abby Gardner
Ava Tomlin
Corrie Lemasters
Justin Waldman wins 5th in
singles in Macon at the Icy
Hot STA L2.  He defeated 3
seeds along the way.
Abby Gardner won
3rd in the G16
singles in Augusta
at the STA L3.  
Coach Alex
Cercone pictured
with Abby.
Joseph Tanjuatco
won the singles in
the B14 in Augusta
in the ATA L3
9 year old Izzy Tanjuatco
won the G12s GA L4 in
singles and doubles.
Jackson Hill
won the B16
GA L4 at
Abby Gardner and Amber Reed
went undefeated in singles in
Montgomery's STA L3
Sonya Ivashchenko won the GA L4
G14 at Bitsy this March 15, 2015. She
did it without dropping a set and beat
the 4, 1 and 2 seeds along the way.
Location Forest Gump sat telling his story!  
Emma McHale won 2nd
in singles at the Glover's
Grove GA L4
Campbell Tomlin won 2nd in
singles at the Manor August 29th
Rome GA - April 5th - GA L2 STA L3
Joseph Tanjuatco wins the B14 doubles and wins 2nd in singles.  Abi Waldman win the G16 singles.
Daiki Shinoda won the B-16  singles at
Blackburn pulling out two 3rd set TBs.  
Corrie Lemasters played up in the
G14s and won 3rd at Blackburn
More April 12th Tournament Results:   Patrick Weindorfer won the B-16 singles at Hudlow without dropping a set.  
Lindsay Riley won 3rd at Hudlow in the G12s.
Lauren White won the G14 at Blackburn
Sherina won 4th place at Hudlow in the
Emma McHale and Kate Perley win 1st and
2nd in G12 singles at Hudlow GA L4 April
18, 2015.  Kate defeated the 2nd seed
along the way.
Lindsey Riley won 3rd place
April 26 in the GA L4.
Weindorfer won
the GA L3 at
Sandy Springs.  
He was unseeded
and defeated the
1 and 3 seeds
along the way.  
Will Burton
won the BD
and Jackson
Hill won 2nd
in Acworth at
the GA L4
April 26th
Isabelle Tanjuatco won 2nd place dubs
in 12s at the GA/AL L2 in Bainbridge, GA
11 year old Kylin Sadler won
2nd the GA L4 G16 at the Ernie
Peterson Spring Jr Champs
April 26th
Abi Waldman
won 2nd in the
doubles at the
STA L1A in
Patrick Weindorfer and
Emma McHale won 1st
and 2nd respectfully in
GA L4s May 10th.
Kylin Sadler and
Isabelle Tanjuatco
both won 2nd in
Little Mo's G11s
and G10s